Research Services

Research Services


Our team is able to provide instruction one-on-one or for larger groups. We often provide Brown Bag seminars to explore our various databases and other research tools. We also partner with offices to create detailed instruction on relevant resources. To talk about how we may be able to assist you, or to schedule instruction, please email Trevor Riley

In-Depth Research & Bibliographies

If you are a NOAA employee, the library reference team is available for in-depth research assistance by appointment. Beyond one-on-one instruction, our team is able to complete rigorous and thorough research on any given topic.

Listed below are the following Bibliographies have been compiled by the NOAA Central Library staff:

Previous to March 2016, Subject Guides and Bibliographies were published in the Library and Information Services Division's current references series (LISD current references). This series was discontinued in January 2016.

After March 2016, the Library and Information Services Division's name was changed to NOAA Central and Regional Libraries (NCRL). As of January 2017, the new series name for subject guides has been established as  NCRL subject guides.