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In order to provide an indicator of NOAA's scientific research productivity, and to inform the public about the results of NOAA's scientific research, the NOAA Central Library maintains a database of journal articles by NOAA scientists published from fiscal year 2012 to the present. Although our database is currently limited to articles by NOAA scientists, we do plan to expand our database to include articles supported by various forms of NOAA funding, including grants and cooperative institutes. 

An Analysis of NOAA Articles Published in FY2021 (pdf)

This listing is updated quarterly and is accurate as of January 2021. To download a .csv file of these article citations click here.

If you have any questions or comments about this listing, or the library's database, contact Sarah Davis.

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Author(s)TitlePublication YearLine OfficeLab/DivisionFiscal Year & Quarter
Abbott J. K. and Haynie A. C.What are we protecting? Fisher behavior and the unintended consequences of spatial closures as a fishery management tool2012NMFSAKFSCFY2012 Q3
Abecassis M.; Dewar H.; Hawn D. and Polovina J.Modeling swordfish daytime vertical habitat in the North Pacific Ocean from pop-up archival tags2012NMFSSWFSC | PIFSCFY2012 Q3
Abecassis M.; Senina I.; Lehodey P.; Gaspar P.; Parker D.; Balazs G. and Polovina J.A Model of Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Habitat and Movement in the Oceanic North Pacific2013NMFSPIFSCFY2013 Q4
Able K. W.; Allen D. M.; Bath-Martin G.; Hare J. A.; Hoss D. E.; Marancik K. E.; Powles P. M.; Richardson D. E.; Taylor J. C.; Walsh H. J.; Warlen S. M. and Wenner C.Life history and habitat use of the speckled worm eel, Myrophis punctatus, along the east coast of the United States2011NMFSNEFSCFY2012 Q1
Abraham J. P.; Baringer M.; Bindoff N. L.; Boyer T.; Cheng L. J.; Church J. A.; Conroy J. L.; Domingues C. M.; Fasullo J. T.; Gilson J.; Goni G.; Good S. A.; Gorman J. M.; Gouretski V.; Ishii M.; Johnson G. C.; Kizu S.; Lyman J. M.; Macdonald A. M.; Minkowycz W. J.; Moffitt S. E.; Palmer M. D.; Piola A. R.; Reseghetti F.; Schuckmann K.; Trenberth K. E.; Velicogna I. and Willis J. K.A REVIEW OF GLOBAL OCEAN TEMPERATURE OBSERVATIONS: IMPLICATIONS FOR OCEAN HEAT CONTENT ESTIMATES AND CLIMATE CHANGE2013OAR | NESDISAOML | PMEL | NODCFY2013 Q4
Ackermann M.; Koriabine M.; Hartmann-Fritsch F.; de Jong P. J.; Lewis T. D.; Schetle N.; Work T. M.; Dagenais J.; Balazs G. H. and Leong J. A. C.The Genome of Chelonid Herpesvirus 5 Harbors Atypical Genes2012NMFSPIFSCFY2013 Q1
Ackiss A. S.; Pardede S.; Crandall E. D.; Ablan-Lagman M. C. A.; Ambariyanto; Romena N.; Barber P. H. and Carpenter K. E.Pronounced genetic structure in a highly mobile coral reef fish, Caesio cuning, in the Coral Triangle2013NMFSSWFSCFY2013 Q3
Adamack A. T.; Stow C. A.; Mason D. M.; Rozas L. P. and Minello T. J.Predicting the effects of freshwater diversions on juvenile brown shrimp growth and production: a Bayesian-based approach2012NMFS | OARSEFSC | GLERLFY2012 Q2
Adams D. K.; Gutman S. I.; Holub K. L. and Pereira D. S.GNSS observations of deep convective time scales in the Amazon2013OARESRLFY2013 Q3
Adams T.; Beets P. and Parrish C.Extracting More Data from LiDAR in Forested Areas by Analyzing Waveform Shape2012NOSNGSFY2012 Q2
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