NOAA Photo Library

About the NOAA Photo Library

The NOAA Photo Library, managed by the NOAA Central and Regional Libraries, was designed to house the photographic output of NOAA scientists, officers, engineers, and other personnel within the agency.  With nearly 35,000 images, the Photo Library includes images from all NOAA line offices and covers topics such as global climate change, aquaculture, coastal zone management, fisheries, meteorology, ocean/atmospheric interactions, remote sensing, cartography, geophysics, and water resources to name a few.

Items housed in the Photo Library are available for use with proper citation and can also be viewed via the Library's Flickr page.  Any questions regarding content or permissions should be directed to the NOAA Photo Library Account.


Citing Images from the Photo Library

Most NOAA photos and slides are in the public domain and cannot be copyrighted.  There is no fee for downloading any images within the NOAA Photo Library.  A few photos in the NOAA Photo Library that are known to have copyright restrictions are so noted in the caption information associated with those images.  Flickr allows you to download the images in a number of different resolutions and sizes, while the Photo Library site allows you to select the resolution.   

Credit must be given to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce.  Where a photographer is noted, please credit the photographer and his/her affiliated organization as well.  A typical citation should appear as follows:

No Photographer:

NOAA Photo Library (2015).  [Satellite Image].  Retrieved from

With Photographer:

Lino, K. (2009). School of Big Eye Jack [Photograph]. Retrieved from

If you have any questions about citing our images or about submitting your photos to the Photo Library, please contact