Digital Collections

Weather and Climate

Weather Modification Project Reports
Considered a promising science, weather modification has the goals of preventing damaging weather and has been utilized since the 1940s & 1950s.  As part of 
Public Law 92-205 (1972), all non-Federal weather modification activities must be reported to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, via the NOAA Office of Water and Air Quality.  

Hurricane Reports
Beginning with Hurricanes Edna and Hazel in 1954 and ending with Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Hurricane Reports contain preliminary advisories and reports with bulletins issued by the U.S. Weather Bureau and in some instances post hurricane service assessments.

Report of the Chief of the Weather Bureau
The annual Report of the Chief of the Weather Bureau from 1891-1953. These reports feature both the practical and theoretical aspects of the work of the Bureau: forecasts, weather maps, flood and frost warnings, climate research, the State Weather Services, instruments, meteorological records, soil physics, crop conditions, and more.

Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel
Monthly publication from 1915-1965. Includes personnel information such as biographical sketches, transfers, awards, retirements, and deaths. Also includes organizational guidance, budget matters, and a wide range of policy and scientific issues.

U. S. Weather Bureau Circular Letters
Monthly communications to U. S. Weather Bureau personnel from 1940-1966.

U.S. Daily Weather Maps
This collection provides access to historical daily weather maps from 1871 thru 2002. Images in DejaVu format; free plug-in provided.

Daily Synoptic Weather Maps
This collection provides access to historical daily synoptic weather maps for the northern hemisphere from 1899 to 1971.

Monthly Weather Review
Free access from 1871 to 1973 in cooperation with the American Meteorological Society.

Foreign Climate Data
Unique foreign climatological data from Africa, Caribbean, Middle East and former Soviet bloc countries from 1837 to 1992 in PDF and TIFF formats.

U.S. Army Signal Corps/Weather Bureau Annual Reports

Meteorological observations from 1861 to 1942 in PDF format.

George Washington Carver and Tuskegee Weather Data
This site provides access to volunteer weather observations taken at the Tuskegee Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama from November 1899 through June 1954.

Why The Weather
Daily public service announcements regarding weather facts, phenomena and proverbs provided for the Science Service beginning in May 1923.

Coast and Geodetic Survey

U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Annual Reports

This collection provides access to the annual reports of the Coast and Geodetic Survey from 1844-1965 in PDF format.

U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Special Publications (1898-1969)

Special Publications of the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey that were published from 1898 to 1969 in PDF format. Information regarding technical and scientific methods of the Survey.


U.S. Fish Commission Annual Reports
Annual reports of the United States Fish Commission and the United States Fish and Fisheries Commission from 1871 to 1940, and 1947-1979, in PDF format.

Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission
An official publication of the U.S. Government since 1881, the years 1881 to 1997 are available in PDF format.

Fisheries Heritage Digital Collection
Digital collection of historical documents on fisheries of the United States from the early 1800s to early 1900s.