Celebrating Women’s History Month: Women In NOAA Corps
Celebrating Women’s History Month: Women In NOAA Corps

The NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps, America’s smallest uniformed service, is a critical component of NOAA research. NOAA Corps officers operate NOAA ships and aircraft, enabling the collection of research for labs and program offices. While NOAA Corps was established with the creation of NOAA in 1970, women couldn’t serve until 1972. That was the year that NOAA Corps director Rear Admiral Harley Nygren decided there were neither legal restrictions nor logical objections to prevent women from joining, “We did not have ‘men jobs’ and ‘women jobs’. Anything women wanted to try they could, and more power to them. As soon as I authorized it, the fleet followed...Some of the ships already had female scientists on board, so it was not difficult to accommodate the new officers.”

You can read more about women in the NOAA Corps here, and we hope you’ll joins us at 12PM EST on March 26th in the library or online for “Women in NOAA Corps: A Women's History month presentation by Assistant to the Deputy Director, National Weather Service,  LTJG Melissa D. Mathes.


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