Interlibrary Loan(ILL)

Borrowing Eligibility

  • NOAA Staff and contractors: We will borrow for all NOAA staff as well as contractors who are registered as patrons in Silver Spring, MD. If you are located outside of Silver Spring, check to see if you are served by a local NOAA Library. In the event that you are not, we will borrow for you.
  • Borrowing Libraries: We prefer to lend to non-charging libraries. Some restrictions apply; for more details see our

Processing Your Request

  • NOAA Staff and contractors: Submit your request through our online form. You will receive an automatic reply indicating that your information has been received. We will process your request within 24 hours of receiving it from you. Please help us obtain your information more quickly by providing all relevant information. Contact us at if you need assistance identifying your item.
  • Borrowing Libraries: Submit your request through OCLC WorldShare (OCLC symbol: OLA). See our page on ILL policies for borrowing libraries for more details

How Long Does it Take?

  • NOAA Staff and contractors: Allow about five days for an article and up to two weeks for a book. We often receive articles more quickly – be sure to let us know of any special requests and time constraints
  • Borrowing Libraries: We respond to all requests within four business days.

Loan Periods (Books)

  • NOAA Staff and contractors: The loan period is set by the lending library – we will let you know what it is. Most items are lent for four weeks (with a four-week renewal period). Please return the borrowed item to the Central Library on time and respond to our request promptly if the item is recalled by the lender. We will negotiate a renewal for you if you give us advance notice.
  • Borrowing Libraries: NOAA Central Library loan period is one month. Renewals are possible upon request.

Contact Information